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Thoughts silently transmitting from my brain to yours. #thatswhatreadingis

Our brains are whirring, stirring, transferring mini machines. We own them in the land of the living until they return to simple matter when our souls flutter off and leave our inanimate body behind. SO why not get the polish out, clean those cogs, get the engine purring and lets have a chat, my brain to yours about all that "is" this weird and wonderful life.

Brains: our control panel. Marvellous things. How do they work? How do you get those fingers to type so quick without even consciously thinking about it? It is like magic, a super power, how all these elements of the body work together to get the big fleshy robot to put one foot infront of the other and get from A. to B. Life is fascinating and complex in those terms, but terribly simple when it comes to "How to live".


Simple rules we are taught as a child enable us to create a tool book to live by in any scenario. For example "Be Kind". In any conundrum, or real time situation this can be applied. My current "human nature challenge" is to apply this to my day to day life in a conscious manner. "How can I be kind in this situation" - and like a internet search the brain gives me the top five kind reactions to that particular action. Ah what a wonderful thing living is. Lets relish in it.


Don't you just love a tangent!?


So with a humble heart - I hope you enjoy my musings fellow human.

- Lucy Stuteley



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